Course Overview:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of gemstones, tracing their journey from mines to market and exploring rough gemstones in-depth. Expand your knowledge by identifying a wide array of precious and semi-precious gemstones, including both popular and lesser-known varieties. Develop proficiency in identifying and appraising gemstones in mounted jewellery, fulfilling your passion for a thorough understanding of the gemstone world.

Duration : 2 months

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Gem’s Crystal System: Understand the crystal systems determining rough gemstone shapes
  2. Rough Gemstones: Explore the origins and characteristics of rough gemstones
  3. Phenomenal Gemstones: Discover unique qualities and characteristics of phenomenal gemstones
  4. Lesser-Known Gemstones: Learn about lesser-known gemstones based on group, species and variety to understand their characteristics and differences including their chemical and physical properties and their uses in jewellery
  5. In-depth Study of Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Pearls: Gain expertise in evaluating these valuable gemstones in detail
  6. Identification of Natural, Treated, Synthetic and Imitation Gemstones: Learn techniques and practice thoroughly for identifying different types of gemstones with limited use of instruments
  7. Grading Based on the 4 C’s: Master the art of assortment. Learn color grading, clarity grading and cut grading in detail with Gemstones lots.
  8.  Overview of Navaratnas: Delve into the significance of Navaratnas, nine sacred gemstones associated with astrology and spirituality
  9. Importance of Navaratnas in Astrology: Gain insight into the astrological significance and planetary positions of Navaratnas
  10. Identification of Loose and Mounted Gemstones: Develop skills in identifying both loose and mounted gemstones in jewellery
  11. Understanding Different Settings of Mounted Jewellery: Explore various techniques used to mount gemstones in jewellery
  12. Selection and Rejection Techniques: Learn to efficiently select and reject gemstones in parcels, refining your discernment skills
  13. Pricing and Market Update: Stay informed about industry trends and pricing
  14. Internal Assessments and Final Examination: Evaluation will include internal assessments and a comprehensive theory and practical examination at the end of the programme

Course Duration:  

  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Total Sessions: 40
  • Session Duration: 2.5 Hours (Morning and Afternoon batches available)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday

Course Outcome:

By completing this course, you will master the understanding of crystal systems, origins and characteristics of rough gemstones and the unique qualities of phenomenal and lesser-known gemstones. You will gain expertise in evaluating rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls and in identifying natural, treated, synthetic and imitation gemstones. Additionally, you will learn gemstone grading based on the 4 Cs, identify loose and mounted gemstones and understand various mounting techniques. You will refine your selection and rejection skills for gemstones and stay updated on industry trends and pricing. This course prepares you for career paths such as Gemologist, loose gemstone buying and selling, lab professional and wholesale or retail jeweller with confidence.

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