Diamond Grading Course Level 1

Course Overview:

The Diamond Grading Programme Level 1 is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of diamond grading and the factors that influence a diamond’s value. This course covers the fundamentals of diamond anatomy, growth and properties, an introduction to rough diamond mining to markets as well as a comprehensive understanding to the 4C’s- Carat, Clarity, Colour & Cut in a polish diamond. Students will learn to examine a diamond using a tweezer and 10x Eye Loupe, and handheld techniques.

Duration : 2.5 months

Course Content:

  1. Diamond Anatomy: In this module, students will learn about the different parts of a diamond, including the crown, pavilion, girdle, and culet.
  2. Diamond Growth & Properties: Students will gain an understanding of how diamonds are formed and the properties that make them unique.
  3. Introduction to Rough Diamond -Mining to Markets: Students will learn about the process of mining rough diamonds and how they are brought to the market.
  4. Diamond Grading: Students will be taught a comprehensive understanding of the 4Cs- Carat, Clarity, Colour & Cut in a Polish diamond which affects it’s price.
    1. Carat- Use of weighing scale, estimation of weight, sizing, counting, sieving, gauging.
    2. Clarity- Introduction to Inclusions & Blemishes. Introduction to plotting techniques in respect to different clarity grades using lab & local market terminology.
    3. Colour- Understanding different colour grades as per international standard. Learning to use shade card and tripod to colour grade precisely.
    4. Cut- Introduction to Cut with respect to proportions, symmetry & polish and its importance in understanding the value of a polish diamond. Learning visual estimation of proportion like table, girdle, crown, pavilion etc.
  5. Diamond Certification: Students will learn about diamond certification and how to create certificate using Microscope & Eye Loupe.
  6. Introduction to Real v/s Fake- Synthetic, Simulant & Treatments: In this module, students will learn how to identify the different types of diamond imitations, including Simulant (CZ, Moissanite) Synthetic (Lab Grown-CVD/HPHT) and treated Natural diamonds.
  7. Diamond Pricing and Market: In this module, students will have in depth knowledge about the pricing of diamonds in domestic as well as international market.
  8. Internal Assessments, Theory & Practical Final Examination: This course will include less theoretical and more practical assessments to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of diamond grading.

Course Duration: The Diamond Grading Programme Level 1 will be completed in 50 sessions, Monday to Friday-2.5 Hours in 2.5 months.

Course Outcome: Upon completion of the course, students will have a practical knowledge of diamond grading and be able to examine a diamond using a tweezer and 10x Eye Loupe. They will also understand the importance of the 4Cs in determining a diamond’s value and have good knowledge about diamond pricing. Students will be able to create certificate using Microscope & Eye Loupe and be able to differentiate between real and fake diamonds.

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