Course Overview:

In this course, you will learn the world of Navaratnas, nine precious gemstones associated with planetary alignments and spiritual beliefs. You will learn to identify natural, synthetic and treated Navaratnas, gaining insight into their symbolism and cultural significance. Join us to learn about these special gemstones and their connections to old traditions and cosmic powers.

Duration : 3 weeks

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Gemstones and Gemology: Explore the fundamental nature and principles of gemstones, including their geological origins and characteristics
  2. Understanding the 4 C’s: Learn about the four key factors—color, cut, clarity and carat weight—that influence the quality of gemstones
  3. Physical and Optical Properties of Gems: Understand the physical and optical characteristics that distinguish different types of gemstones
  4. Role of Instruments for Gem Identification: Discover the instruments and techniques used for accurate gemstone identification
  5. Overview of Navaratnas: Delve into the significance of Navaratnas, nine sacred gemstones associated with astrology and spirituality
  6. Identifying Natural and Treated Navaratnas: Develop skills to distinguish between natural Navaratnas and those that have undergone treatments
  7. Understanding Synthetics and Imitations: Explore synthetic Navaratnas and learn to recognize imitation gemstones
  8. Importance of Navaratnas in Astrology: Gain insight into the astrological significance and planetary positions of Navaratnas
  9. Practical Lab Sessions: Apply theoretical knowledge in hands-on laboratory sessions to enhance gemstone identification skills
  10. End of Course Examination: Assess your understanding through a comprehensive theory and practical examination.

Course Duration:  

  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Total Sessions: 15
  • Session Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday

Course Outcome:

Upon completing this course, you will understand the fundamental nature and principles of gemstones, including their geological origins and characteristics. You will learn about the 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat weight) that influence gemstone quality and gain knowledge of their physical and optical properties. You will develop skills in using instruments for gemstone identification and understanding and distinguishing natural, treated, synthetic and imitation Navaratnas. Additionally, you will explore the astrological significance and planetary associations of Navaratnas.

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