Gold Valuation & Appraisal Course

Course Overview:

Explore the detailed steps of valuing gold, including its purity, price and weight. Get hands-on experience in testing gold purity using special tools. Learn how to figure out the value and loan potential of gold jewellery. Sharpen your skills and become a skilled Gold Appraiser, ready to handle gold valuation confidently

Duration : 1 week

Course Content:

  1. Gold: Explore the fundamentals of gold, its properties and significance in the jewellery industry
  2. Properties of Gold: Learn about the unique physical and chemical properties of gold that make it desirable for jewellery making
  3. Gold Purity and Weights: Understand the concepts of gold purity and weights, crucial factors in determining its value
  4. Introduction of Alloys: Discover the role of alloys in gold jewellery, including common alloying metals and their effects on gold properties
  5. Understanding Gold Calculation: Master the techniques for calculating the value of gold based on purity and weight
  6. Introduction of Touch Stone: Familiarize yourself with touchstone, a traditional method for testing gold purity
  7. Classification of Jewels: Explore different classifications of jewellery based on design, materials and craftsmanship
  8. Understanding Pricing of Jewellery: Gain insights into the factors influencing jewellery pricing, including material costs and craftsmanship
  9.  Calculation of Loan on the Basis of the Type of Jewellery: Learn how to calculate loan amounts based on the type and value of jewellery
  10.  Practical Session with Touchstone, Jewellery articles and Gold Sticks: Engage in hands-on practice sessions using touchstone with gold sticks and jewellery pieces to assess gold purity
  11.  Overview of Hall Marking: Understand the importance of hallmarking in verifying the purity and authenticity of gold jewellery
  12. BIS Hall Marking Process: Learn about the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmarking process and its significance in the Indian jewellery market
  13. End of the Programme Theory and Practical Examination: Conclude the course with a comprehensive assessment covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired throughout the program

Course Duration:  

  • Duration: 1 week
  • Total Sessions: 6
  • Session Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday

Course Outcome:

Upon completing this course, you will master the fundamentals of gold, its properties and significance in the jewellery industry. You will understand gold purity, weights and the role of alloys in gold jewellery. You will learn to calculate gold value, utilize touchstone testing and classify different types of jewellery. Additionally, you will gain insights into jewellery pricing, loan calculations based on jewellery and the hallmarking process, including BIS standards. Practical sessions with touchstone, jewellery articles and gold sticks will reinforce your learning, culminating in a comprehensive theory and practical examination. Graduates will be prepared for various career paths, including Gold Appraisers in banks or private financial institutions and pawnbrokers, offering expert assessments and valuations of gold items.

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