CorelDraw Jewellery Designing Course

Course Overview:

The CorelDRAW Jewellery Designing Programme will refine your 2D jewellery design skills using CorelDRAW, a versatile illustration program. CorelDRAW empowers designers to showcase their ideas with precision and accuracy, while considering manufacturing perspectives. You will explore the program’s tools tailored for jewellery design, from sketching to rendering.

Duration : 1 month

Course Content:

1. CorelDRAW Interface Overview: Familiarize yourself with the CorelDRAW interface and its drawing tools

2. Object Shape Editing: Learn to edit object shapes, transform them and align them for precision

3. Basic Elements Practice: Explore basic elements (motifs) and utilize existing geometry shapes provided by CorelDRAW

4. Variation in Basic Elements: Practice scanning images and utilizing the Quick Trace option for variation

5. Interactive Fill Tools: Introduction to interactive fill tools for coloring and shading objects

6. Rendering Different Metals: Learn techniques for rendering metals like silver, gold and rose gold

7. Gemstone Shapes and Settings: Understand various gemstone shapes and settings used in jewellery design

8. Drawing Gemstone Shapes and Settings: Practice drawing different gemstone shapes and settings, including prong, pave, bezel, flush, channel and invisible settings

9. Power Clip Option: Utilize the power clip option to create realistic views of gemstones within designs

10. Decorative Jewellery Techniques: Introduction to decorative techniques used in jewellery design

11. Designing Necklaces, Pendants and Earrings: Practice designing various types of jewellery pieces

12. Portfolio Assistance: Receive guidance and support for creating a professional jewellery design portfolio

13. Internal Assessments and Final Examination: Evaluation will include internal assessments and a comprehensive theory and practical examination at the end of the program

Course Duration:

•Duration: 1 Month
•Total Sessions: 20
•Session Duration: 2.5 Hours (Morning and Afternoon batches available)
•Schedule: Monday to Friday

Course Outcome:

Upon completion, students will gain proficiency in CorelDRAW, focusing on object editing, basic elements and interactive fill tools. You will learn metal rendering techniques, gemstone shapes and settings and decorative jewellery techniques. Through practical exercises, you will design various jewellery pieces in 2D and receive portfolio assistance for professional endeavours. Graduates will be equipped for diverse career paths, including roles as jewellery designers in manufacturer or retail outlets and graphic illustrators.

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