CorelDraw Jewellery Designing Course

2D Jewellery Designing in Corel Draw – Master your Designing Skills
Corel Draw is one of the most powerful and Versatile illustration program on the market today. It provide great tools to existing manual jewellery designer to effectively showcase their ideas with more accuracy and precision. It also helps them to think in terms of manufacturing point of view of jewellery they design course highlights.

Duration : 1 month

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to CorelDraw Interface Overview of Drawing Tools,
  • Editing The Object Shape Tools Transformation and Align Objects
  • Practice of Basic Elements (Motifs) And Utilizing Existing Geometry Shapes Provided by CorelDraw
  • Variation in Basic Elements Scanning Images and Utilizing Quick Trace Option.
  • Introduction to Interactive Fill Tools to Fill Colors and Shading Objects.
  • Rendering Different Metals Like Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.
  • Introduction to Gemstones Shapes and Settings
  • Drawing Various Gemstones Shapes and Settings. (Prong, Pave, Bezel, Flush, Channel, Invisible)
  • Utilizing Power Clip Option to Get Realistic View Of Gemstones.
  • Introduction to Decorative Techniques Of Jewellery
  • Portfolio Assistance
  • Necklace
  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Internal Assessments, end of the programme Theory & Practical Examination

For course schedule and other details visit the campus

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