Diamond Grading Programme Level 2

Course Overview:

The Diamond Grading Level 2 course is an advanced course designed for individuals who want to become a professional Diamantaire. The course focuses on hands-on practical experience in assortment of small diamonds, selection and rejection, grading of mounted diamond jewellery, grading of Polki-uncut diamonds and everything else that will help students to become an expert in diamond grading and diamond trading.

Duration : 2 months

Course Content:

  1. In-depth Assortment of Small Diamonds: Hands-on experience in assorting small diamonds based on the 4C’s using essential tools for speed, perfection and precision, with a minimum of 2000 stones
  2. Selection and Rejection Techniques: Learn to efficiently select and reject diamonds in pre-assorted parcels, refining your discernment skills
  3. Grading of Loose Diamonds and Mounted Jewellery: Master the art of grading both loose diamonds with handheld techniques and diamonds mounted in jewellery, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  4. Budgeting and Valuation: Understand the budgeting and valuation of loose diamonds and mounted diamond jewellery
  5. Grading of Mounted Jewellery: Learn the art of grading mounted jewellery based on colour, clarity and cut with weight estimation
  6. Understanding Different Settings: Gain insight into various settings of mounted diamond jewellery, expanding your knowledge of jewellery design and craftsmanship
  7. Introduction to Polki Diamonds: Learn about uncut Polki Diamonds, discerning between syndicate and cleavage diamonds and understanding their characteristics
  8. Brief Introduction to Fancy Cut and Heart-Arrow Cut: Explore the basics of fancy cut diamonds, understanding their unique shapes and characteristics
  9. Introduction to Advanced Equipment: Familiarize yourself with technologically advanced equipment like high-end jewellery microscopes, synthetic screening and detection equipment and 3D scanning instruments, understanding their practical applications in the industry
  10. Grading Reports and Diamond Pricing: Understand the importance of grading reports and diamond pricing in both international and local markets, gaining insights into industry standards and trends.
  11. Internal Assessments and Final Examination: Evaluation will include internal assessments and a comprehensive practical examination at the end of the program, ensuring proficiency in diamond grading and evaluation in both loose diamonds as well as mounted diamond jewellery.


  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Total Sessions: 40
  • Session Duration: 2.5 Hours (Morning and Afternoon batches available)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday

Course Outcome:

Upon completion, students will master diamond assortment, selection and grading techniques, including mounted jewellery evaluation. Furthermore, students will develop a keen understanding of Polki Diamonds and fancy cuts, enriching their knowledge of diamond varieties. They will also gain proficiency in budgeting, valuation and understanding different diamond settings, while also exploring advanced equipment applications. Graduates will be prepared for diverse career paths, including roles as a diamond manufacturer, expert buyer or seller of loose diamonds, jeweller in wholesale or retail outlets, lab professional, jewellery consultant, auction house specialist, or entrepreneur with confidence.

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