Diamond Grading Programme Level 2

Course Overview

The Diamond Grading Programme Level 2 is an advanced course designed for individuals who want to become a professional Diamantaire. The course focuses on hands-on practical experience in assortment of small diamonds, selection and rejection, grading of mounted diamond jewellery, grading of polki-uncut diamonds and everything else that will help students to become an expert in diamond grading and diamond trading.

Duration : 2 months

Course Content:

  1. In-depth Assortment: Students will learn advanced techniques for sorting small diamonds based on the 4Cs, using hand, 10x eye loupe, tweezer, and tripodgiving importance to speed, perfection and precision. Students will work with a minimum of 2500 stones.
  2. Diamond Selection and Rejection: Students will learn how to select and reject diamonds in pre-assorted parcelsbased on Colour, Clarity & Cut with pricing.
  3. Grading in Mounted Jewellery: In this module, Students will learn how to grade diamonds in mounted jewellery based on Colour, Clarity & Cut with weight estimation.
  4. Understanding Different Settings of Jewellery: Students will be introduced to different settings of mounted diamond jewellery. Students also will learn how to do budgeting and tagging.
  5. Project: In this module, Students will be taught how to calculate the cost of the mounted diamond jewellery.
  6. Introduction to Polki Diamonds & others: Students will gain an understanding about polki-uncut diamonds, Fancy Cuts, Heart & Arrow Cut.
  7. Introduction to Advanced Equipment: Students will be introduced to the technologically advanced equipment like high end jewellery microscope, Synthetic screening & detection equipment, 3D scanning & proportion grading instrument. They will learn the practical usage of these equipment in the industry.
  1. Internal Assessments, Project & Practical Final Examination: This course will have 100% practical assessments to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of diamond market.

Course Duration: The Diamond Grading Programme Level 2 will be completed in 40 sessions, Monday to Friday-2.5 Hours in 2months.

Course Outcome: Upon completion of the course, students will have an in-depth understanding of diamond assortment in small sizes, pricing of selection & rejection, grading in mounted diamond jewellery & cost calculation.  Students can use this knowledge to become Diamond Grader, Diamond Assorter, Diamond Merchant, Diamond Broker or Entrepreneur.

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