Diamond Grading Programme Level 1

Every diamond is unique, precious & rare. Understanding the value of a diamond is all about the understanding of the 4 C’s of diamonds (color, cut, carat, clarity). These impact the diamond quality and hence the price. Get a hands on experience with over 1000 diamonds and learn to speak the language of diamonds.

Duration : 2.5 months

What you will learn:

  • Diamond Anatomy.
  • Diamond Growth & Properties.
  • Brief Introduction about Rough Diamond -Mining to Markets.
  • Learn to examine a diamond by using tweezer and 10x Eye Loupe and also handheld technique.
  • A comprehensive understanding to the 4C’s- Carat, Clarity, Colour & Cut in a
  • Polish diamond.
  • Carat- Use of weighing scale, estimation of weight, sizing, counting, sieving, gauging.
  • Clarity- Introduction to Inclusions & Blemishes. Introduction to plotting techniques in respect to different clarity grades using lab & local market terminology.
  • Colour- Understanding different colour grades as per international standard. Learning to use shade card and tripod to colour grade precisely.
  • Cut- Introduction to Cut with respect to proportions, symmetry & polish and its importance in understanding the value of a polish diamond. Learning visual estimation of proportion like table, girdle, crown, pavilion etc.
  • Understanding Diamond Certification. Learning to create certificates using Microscope & Eye Loupe.
  • Introduction to basic assortment using the 4c’s.
  • Introduction to Real v/s Fake- Synthetic, Simulant & Treatments.
  • Internal Assessments, Theory & Practical Final Examination.

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