Additional Services


At GJA Lab, we offer diamond grading/assortment services for small diamonds. Each Diamond is tested using high-end diamond detection machine and separated into three categories :

  1. Natural
  2. Lab Grown-CVD/HPHT
  3. Simulant-CZ, Moissanite

Every diamond at GJA Lab goes through a stringent and strict assortment process using 4Cs-Carat, Colour, Clarity & Cut parameters under the eye of an experienced grader with the assistance of technologically advanced equipment.

Our grading system ensures that the colour, clarity and cut is very consistent throughout our assortment process.

We do offer customised assortment as per local market as well as for international market.


GJA Lab offers customised laser marking like your company logo, any symbol, any kind of message on the piece of jewellery. .


We also offer 360-degree photography & video of the product which can be used to sell the product online.

With GJA Genuine Reports, whether you are a diamond dealer, a jewellery retailer, or a member of the society looking to make a significant investment in a piece of diamond jewellery, you can have complete confidence in your purchase.

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