Gem Basics – Navaratna Programme

The nine precious gemstones (Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Coral, Pearl, Emerald, Gomeda, Diamond and Cat’s eye) called Navaratnas are sacred and linked to the planetary positions. Learn to identify natural, synthetics and treated Navaratnas and understand their placement.

Duration : 3 Weeks

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Nature of Gemstones and Gemology
  • Overview of Geology & Mining
  • Understanding the factors that affect the quality of a gemstone-4 c’s
  • Overview of the Physical and Optical Properties of Gems
  • Role of instruments for Gem Identification
  • Understanding the 9 Gemstones or Navratnas on the basis of Group, Species & Variety.
  • Identifying Natural Navaratnas
  • Understanding Treatments and Types of Treatments.
  • Identifying treated Navaratnas
  • Understanding Synthetics & Types of Synthetics
  • Identifying Synthetic Navaratnas
  • Understanding and Identifying Imitations 
  • Understanding importance and planetary positions of the navratnas
  • Extensive Practical lab sessions

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